Last Thursday (12 Feb, 2015), Simon Fraser University Chinese Students and Scholars Association partnered with BC Children’s Hospital Foundation held a successful Spring Festival Gala at Centennial Theatre. All the income from this night events will be donated to BC Children’s Hospital Foundation to give back to our society and support our younger generation to have better treatment.

Vancouver Water Enterprises (Canada) Co. Ltd was impressed by SFU CSSA’s generous donation. These university students set up a great example to our society and showed to people that they care about the surrounding local communities. Vancouver Water Enterprise (Canada) Co. Ltd. was glad to be part of this event to support these volunteer students and performers.

Vancouver Water Enterprise (Canada) Co. Ltd was the official water sponsor of this event. We proudly donated over 600 bottles of their Canadian ultra-premium bottled water-- Releaf to this Spring Festival show to every attendee at the show. We hope by participating at this charity event, this event could raise great amount of money to support our BC children and wish a bright future ahead of both students and the children in the hospital.

Donation to Charity Event