First, let us extend our congratulations to the 6TH Annual Vancouver Spring Show (The Year of Sheep) that had a successful opening and closing at the Queen Elizabeth Theatre this past Saturday (31 Jan, 2015). Following success in five consecutive years, the Vancouver Spring Show has become a symbol of Vancouver’s diverse culture tradition and a bridge for exchanging Eastern and Western values.

As a local business in Canada, Vancouver Water Enterprise (Canada) Co. Ltd. loves to support local communities across different ethnic groups. Over the last two years, Vancouver Water Enterprise has developed great relationships and become one of the most reliable sponsors of the Vancouver Spring Show. This year, their product Canadian ultra-premium releaf bottled water once again was the official water for the performers, volunteers and celebrities. By relieving their thirst after excellent and hard working performances, releaf bottled water received great comments from the performers. The great taste brought refreshment to the performers and supported them in delivering great entertainment to the audience. In the end, Vancouver Water Enterprise (Canada) Co. Ltd wishes every Canadian happiness, good health and prosperity in the year ahead. HAPPY NEW YEAR!!!



Releaf Sponsor 6TH Annual Vancouver Spring Show